February 12, 2020

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Warren's Birth Story

February 12, 2020

Friday, February 7 | 36 + 3

I woke up at 8am with Eliana, and was on my way to get her some milk and I felt a trickle of fluid as if I had peed myself a little bit. I went to the bathroom and saw that it was more than i thought, so I used a ph test strip to check the ph of the fluid and it turned blue (a high ph suggests it could be amniotic fluid.) I informed my husband who was getting ready for work, "hey just a heads up, I'm leaking amniotic fluid but I think it's normal the last month of pregnancy?" I sent him to work, and not much leaked after that.

Eliana and I went on about our day as usual. I took a nap while she did from noon to 2. I leaked again when I got up from our cat nap. So I waited a while, and it was a small leak from then on.

I decided to call the Hospital and speak to Labor and Delivery. I asked then if I should come in since I was only 36+3. The nurse said yes because I'm not to term yet. I got my stuff together and went to the hospital when Theron got home from work (he came home early because I called him and told him what the nurse said.)

I got to hospital about 5 after Theron got home. They hooked me up to monitors and triaged me, and finally tested the fluid. It was confirmed that it was amniotic fluid, and after they checked I started leaking a lot more. So I was admitted.

I started cramping shortly after, but very mild and no contractions. The nurse checked me at 8pm, I was not effaced but was 1.5 cm. Theron came after my mom took over watching Elli. I kind of started cramping more and had light contractions, so he stayed in hopes that labor would start. It didn't.

Saturday, February 8 | 36 + 4

I didn't sleep much the night before. Maybe 4 hours total. Too many noises, too much worrying about Eliana with me gone for possibly a few days. As the morning came I felt more contractions/cramps. I was checked again at 5am: 50% effaced and 2.5cm

The nurse informed us a while later that if things didn't progress by that evening (or if I got an infection before then) the doctor on call will start me on pitocin to get things rolling and get this baby born since we were on a time limit for risk if infection.
So after breakfast (about 7ish) I started walking halls to get things moving. I felt the same lightning crotch when I walked that i had been feeling for the last month, but everything felt more tender and sensitive.

9ish: I took about an hour nap just in case I needed to be awake and laboring later. Unfortunately the contractions stopped when I slept, but I got them going again when I got up by walking halls and bouncing on a ball.

Theron got us lunch and while he was gone I started nipple stimulation per the nurses suggestion, and got really good contractions from that. But they were still inconsistent.  She had me lay down with peanut ball between legs to open my pelvis up.

2pm- I slept for about 45 minutes. And again, the contractions died down. 
So we started pitocin at 4:30pm. I was checked again and I was 3.5cm, 50% effaced.

I was on pitocin for 6 hours, having it increased every hour. Contractions got somewhat stronger. But when I was checked when it was turned off at 10:30, there had been no changes at all to my cervix 

Per the doctors orders, I took a break from pitocin for the night. The hope was that I would go into labor in the night, or that when we start up in the morning that the pitocin would work better from having saturated my uterus the night before.

So I took a shower, and went to sleep at midnight, and slept about 4 hours


Sunday, February 9 | 36 + 5

I woke up at 5am, and we restarted pitocin at 6am. The nurse checked me- I was still 3.5cm but my cervix was a little more forward and softer. The pitocin dosage was increased every half hour, much faster than the night before.

At 9:45, the Doctor on call checked me (not my doctor- his wife had had their baby a few days before) I was 4cm. The doctor found and broke a 2nd sac (um apparently there's two?) It hurt so bad for him to break it, but a ton of fluid came out and almost immediately intense contractions started up. Within 20 minutes or so I was having 1 minute contractions, 2 minutes apart.

It was clear that I was having consistent contractions and starting to be in a lot of pain (just like with my daughter's labor- I felt my contractions from my cervix and it spread up, not the belly down. They moved me to the labor/delivery room.

By then I was in so much pain I couldn't do anything but shut my eyes and breathe through contractions. Theron was an amazing birth partner and did everything he could to help me get through them.

The anesthesiologist came and placed the epidural. I realized that what I had with my daughter was actually a spinal tap- because this time I still felt some pain and could move my legs- but it was still better than it was before.

12:20pm - I was checked again and I had dialated to a 5. My labor nurse had me flipping on my sides every 20 minutes to get the little man to wiggle down while I continued to dilate.

1:45pm- My labor nurse put my catheter in, and shortly after that I was checked and I had dialated to ten. My nurse removed the catheter and we did practice pushes and informed the doctor. The room started being set up with instruments. My birth photographer showed up.

I pushed for about 3 hours, which felt like FOREVER especially since I pushed for less than an hour with Eliana. It took a while to find a position that worked well for me, but once I did it was very effective. The only pain I felt was a muscle spasm-like feeling that first started from my left inner thigh and eventually wrapped around my left hip into my left lower back. Every time I had a contraction that pain got worse. It was discouraging multiple times because I was so tired of being in pain. But I soon realized that when I pushed with everything I had during the contractions, I could hardly notice the spasm-contraction.

My labor nurse was absolutely amazing. She really knew what she was doing, and helped me angle my legs and hips to help baby get through my pelvis. Once she could feel his head, she told the doctor it was almost time and we kept pushing.

After pushing with everything I had- motivated to see my son and not be pregnant anymore, Warren Baron Hurlbert was born at 5:17pm on February 9th 2020 at 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches.

His lungs worked great, I got to do skin to skin and we got to bond as a family for about 2 hours, and Warren latched the first time we tried breastfeeding. All of which we never got to do with Eliana.

While we bonded with our new son, the doctor and nurses were working still. I had to be given some meds to clot my blood because I was hemorrhaging slightly.
My placenta was sent off to pathology just in case. I had stitches because I tore in the same place I tore with Eliana's birth.

My epidural wore off and I took a long shower while Theron got to bond with his son. They administered meds to Warren and got our room set up. By the time I was out of the shower we walked to our room with our baby and got to press the little button that tells the whole hospital a baby was born.

Here's what I know about my beautiful son so far: Warren is a sweet chunky cuddle bug who loves to eat and snuggle with mom and dad. He's really chill until he's not happy about something, and he will let you know when he's not happy (much like his big sister.) He's absolutely amazing and the perfect final piece to our little family.


 birth photos by Katrina Knight Photography



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