February 12, 2020

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When Your Best Looks Different

November 16, 2019



Sometimes you do DIY sensory activities.
Sometimes you put on a movie to keep them occupied so you can make dinner in peace.
Sometimes you get dressed and run errands, kids in tow.
Sometimes you stay in your jammies all day and you "forget" to even put a bra on.
Sometimes you're the most present parent in the world.
Sometimes you might be on your phone just a little too much.
Sometimes you make homemade healthy dinners.
Sometimes you get them a kid's meal for dinner.
Sometimes you get everything done while they nap.
Sometimes you join them in their nap because you have literally no energy left.
Sometimes you get up with them right away.
Sometimes you let them play in their crib for an extra half hour- cause waking up is hard.
Sometimes you clean the house after they go to bed.
Sometimes you let the dishes and all the toys go so you can finally rest.
Sometimes it's fun and easy.
Sometimes it's hard and you cry and you just don't know how you can possibly do this day after day.


But we do it, mommas.
Sometimes we have everything to give,
And other times we are just barely keeping our head above water.
It's always trying our best each day-
Even when our day-to-day "best" sometimes looks different.




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