February 12, 2020

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Real Talk: Prenatal Depression

October 30, 2019

Let's talk about depression. Specifically, depression while pregnant.


A common side effect of this is feeling guilty for feeling depressed. Which just adds to the shame of depression. I mean, I should be grateful! I should be ecstatic! Afterall, not everyone can get pregnant.


Well I'm here to say: I am 22 weeks pregnant. I have been on a pregnancy/breastfeeding safe antidepressant since I went in for my first OB appointment at 6 weeks.


A little backstory: I have always struggled with waves of depression, and when I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago I wasn't on antidepressants at first.

But the hormones made everything more intense and I got severely depressed, and ended up getting on them at about 27 weeks. Then I had her at 34 weeks. I spent most of that pregnancy DEPRESSED. I waited until it got so bad that I literally couldn't stop crying and I felt so hopeless. No wonder I look back on that pregnancy and remember hating it and thinking how HARD it was.


This time around, I could feel the depression creeping up in the first trimester and thought, I want to TRY to enjoy this pregnancy more than my first, so I talked to my doctor.


It's what I need to get through this season of hormones, having a surprise pregnancy, and having a toddler that's barely just turned a year.


I'll do what I need for ME to be mentally healthy for everyone around me. And I encourage you to do the same, whether its therapy, medication, etc.


So I'm here to tell you, its OKAY to ask for help. Especially when you're pregnant, because you deserve to be the best you and your babies deserve that, too ❤




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