February 12, 2020

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9 Things Parents of Colicky Babies Need You to Know

February 16, 2019

*Originally published on Her View From Home

Written by Alyssa Hurlbert


Yulia Vybornyh/


When our daughter was born at 34 weeks, the last thing we were worried about was the possibility of colic. But then it happened to us. We had a baby who, if she wasn’t sleeping or eating, was crying. No, screaming. The memories that stick out the most from the blur that was those first four months are not all good ones. Memories of standing in my living room, simultaneously rocking/swinging/bouncing my screaming 2-month-old daughter, my back and arms cramping, her hair wet with my tears. She had been crying for hours, my husband was at work, and I was left with what I thought was the most unhappy baby on earth.


There were times when I had to set her in her crib and let her cry, while I went outside to get my nerves under control so I could go back calmer and keep trying to help her. There were many, many days when she would only sleep on me, and being the light sleeper that I am, I barely slept when this was the case. I would doze off when feeding her more often than I think is normal for a new parent. One time my husband, who was getting ready for work, woke me up because I had accidentally fallen asleep feeding her and the bottle was leaking into her ear. There were weeks when I didn’t leave the house because I didn’t know if she could handle it. I saw pictures of everyone else’s happy babies on Instagram and wondered, Why is my baby so unhappy?




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