February 12, 2020

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Plus Size Pregnancy Style: My Go-To Maternity Pieces

July 18, 2018

I had my baby early before I could finish and post this, so here we are! To be honest I've worn everything in this blog post postpartum, so these purchases will definitely last you a while! 


The First Trimester


To be honest, in the first trimester I didn't need much. The main concern with my wardrobe is how bloated I would be by the afternoon, so loose flowy shirts were great for this as well as belly bands to give myself a little bit of give.



I was able to wear most of my regular jeans (size 14) for the first trimester, with the help of a belly band. (pictured: non maternity pants, using a belly band at about 6 weeks pregnant because I was SO BLOATED) 


Now, for us plus size girls, the ones from Motherhood Maternity just don't do enough in my opinion. I found that the Bella Band (I wore size 3) was much more supportive and made of a thicker material and actually kept my pants up. I just got two of these and alternated them so I didn't wear them out too much.


*Tip: I would also wear the Bella Band over my maternity pants when my bump wasn't big enough to keep my pants up. Good way to transition from normal pants to maternity pants!




I wore this shirt from Torrid (a lot) through my whole first and second trimester. I got it in black, and it masked my bloat and my questionable bump nicely and I didn't feel self conscious. Normally I would wear a size 0 shirt there, but I got a size 1 and was able to wear it for most of my pregnancy.


Really any loose shirt in a dark color was a go-to, and luckily it was fall/winter during my first trimester so the 3/4 sleeves helped me hide my arms.


I'm about 10 weeks in this announcement photo.



The Second/Third Trimesters




Bras and Undies

At about week 17, I noticed that I needed to buy bigger bras. I went ahead and got two underwire nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity (because lets face it, we bustier girls need underwire). I figured if I needed to buy new bras, I might as well buy nursing bras since my boobs *hopefully* won't be this big again. 


This one has been great- comfortable, supportive, and sturdy.

But this one, one of the wires just broke after having it only 3 months. I really liked this t-shirt bra, maybe I had the wrong size or took a nap in it too many times. Who knows, sometimes wires just break. But I suggest going into a store and trying them on if you're able to, just in case. There are no maternity stores within 100 mile radius

of where I live, so when I was in the city I went and tried on bras. 


*pre-pregnancy I wore a 36DD, maternity bra I wore a size 40DDD.... not really sure how that happened, but I would definitely go try them on first.


For just around the house, I found these Jessica Simpson sports bras at Ross. I wouldn't wear them under my normal clothes for lack of shape, but its nice to have small support while doing things at home. 



Once my belly started getting bigger, I found that regular underwear was just annoying because it wouldn't go over or under my bump.


Honestly, I found these undies at Wal-Mart and I love them! At first I got size L/XL, which was good for the second trimester, but as my belly got bigger I got a 1x/2x for extra comfort. What I like about these is they add just a little bit of support under your belly, and they're great under dresses so you feel a little smoothed out.


Wal-Mart also has under belly ones in the same brand, and I really like those as well for wearing with pants and for sleeping in.









It took a little bit of trial and error on my part, but I quickly found that the best way to dress my growing bump and pregnancy body was to enhance the bump, and disguise everything else. Kimonos paired with camisoles became my new best friend. My bump wasn't perfectly round in the beginning due to being a little on the bigger side to begin with, but I found that wearing belly bands helped smooth it out and support my belly. 


A few of my favorite Kimonos:

Black Lace Trim Kimono


Jessica Simpson Printed Kimono **This ones my favorite!! And it's on sale right now


Pink Blush Plus Size Kimono 



 Camisoles and Tanks ended up being a huge staple in my wardrobe. I also figured out quickly that I really only wear them in black (because black is slimming, right?) At first I got some camisoles, but found that my kimono didn't always hide my (giant) bra straps and it got annoying trying to make sure that wasn't sticking out. So I sleep in the camisoles, and now exclusively wear the tanks with my kimonos. *These cami's from Motherhood are great and affordable.


A few of my favorite tanks:

Rib Knit Maternity Tank from Motherhood Maternity (both a L and XL fit me, but the XL was a little longer and helped hide my support band in the 3rd trimester) 


Side Ruched Maternity Tank  I loved the stretch to this one, and its only $5 on their website right now! Perfect time to stalk up on essentials.


*pictured* Seemless Ruched Tank from Target. I got this in black in a size L/XL and it fits comfortably. I love the material and how long it is- I don't have to worry about under-bump showing. 


Pants and Shorts

Once I got into my second trimester, it was definitely a must to get maternity pants. I still had to wear a belly band over them in the beginning, to keep them from sliding down, but it felt much better on my lower belly to not have something too tight.


I got two pairs of maternity jeans to start with, which was perfect because I just got two different style and alternated them. 


Support Band

Since I work on my feet for long hours, I needed something to help support the weight of my ever growing belly. I got this support band off of amazon, and it didn't really make a difference until I hit about 28 weeks. By the end of my pregnancy I could tell the difference in my back and hips when I didn't wear the band while working. I'm wearing it under the shirt in the picture above.




Formal Dresses


 I had a hard time finding a nice dress that didn't make me look like a marshmallow, so when I ordered this pink dress from Pink Blush Maternity, I knew I just had to order it in black as well! I wore the pink one to a wedding, and the black one to our baby shower! I'm wearing a size XL, I didn't even need to go up to the plus size version of this dress.  


















The shoes I'm wearing are from

they worked great because they tie in the front- and my feet got about a size bigger during pregnancy, not to mention my feet would swell half way through the day.























I gave birth before I could finish and post this, but I've been able to wear all of these items postpartum as well! Let me know what your favorite maternity pieces are!


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