February 12, 2020

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Quick and Easy Loaded Taco Salad

March 3, 2018


Lately, with all of the pregnancy food aversions I've been having, its hard for me to find a salad that doesn't completely gross me out. Usually, a taco salad of some sort is a safe bet. This is mine and my husbands favorite bagged salad- its a Southwest Chopped Salad with yummy cilantro dressing AND it comes with super yummy pumpkin seeds and tortilla strips already in it.


While the bag of salad is totally great on its own, or as a side dish- I really like to add some fluff to it to make it more filling and even more delicious!


What you'll need:

-Southwest Salad Mix (Taylor Farms found at Raleys is my favorite, but any will do)

-Meat of choice (lean turkey meat, carne asada, ground beef, or chicken)

-Taco Seasoning Packet

-Black beans, drained

-Corn, drained

-Shredded Cheese

-Sour Cream



Some other fixin' ideas:

-Avocado (I love avocado, but my food aversions are limiting how often I actually get to eat them)

-Chopped bell pepper

-Chopped onion

-Picked Jalapenos/Chopped Jalapenos

-Oven roasted tomatoes

-Crunched up Doritos

-Really, anything you would put on a taco or nachos! ;)


Then throw it all in a bowl. If you really want to read the step by step, here you go ;)



1. First, I usually cook some carne asada or lean ground turkey meat (pictured) and once the meat is cooked all the way through, I add a taco seasoning packet (I used the HOT one! Baby girl likes spicy, what can I say?) When I use lean ground turkey meat, I don't even have to drain it. One less step is always good when you're hungry and pregnant ;) While I let the meat and seasoning simmer, I go ahead and get out my other fixin's.


2. I usually mix the salad and salad packet contents together in a bowl and set that aside. You could at this point either add all the fixin's and meat in the salad bowl (great if you're feeding your family). But with my husband working late, I usually eat dinner alone, so I don't want to put a bunch of toppings in a salad I may not eat all by myself. So I will keep all the other toppings in separate containers so I can use them again (this also makes easy for my husband to make tacos or a burrito for lunch the next day!)


3. I get myself a bowl, and layer the salad. I also add tapatio at the end (Honestly I put tapatio on everything... spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches... You should try it.)


And that's it!! Hope you found this easy and tasty! Leave your comments below what you put on yours!






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