February 12, 2020

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My Favorite Low Carb Caffeinated Drinks

March 6, 2017



When I started my journey of losing weight, one of the hurdles I had to overcome was "How do I get my coffee/caffeine without blowing my diet?" I am admittedly one of those "frou-frou" coffee drinkers, aka I don't want my coffee to taste like coffee. I had to figure out ways to get my caffeine without blowing my calorie or carb intake for the day. Here I have my favorite go-to drinks and the macros to go along with it.




High Protein Marshmallow Hot Chocolate + Hot Brewed Coffee

A part of my morning wake-up ritual is coffee. During the colder months I prefer to drink hot coffee. It's soothing, warm, and cozy. Especially paired with my favorite Carb Essentials Marshmallow Hot Chocolate (the mint and regular is good, too!) All I do is pour myself a cup of hot coffee and add this baby in. You can add a little bit of sugar free creamer if you desire, but try it without. You might find that you don't even need to!


The Deets:

1 Hot Chocolate Packet + 8oz Hot Coffee

81 Calories | 0.5g Fat | 5g Carbs | 15.3g Protein



Chocolate Premier Protein + Cold Brewed Coffee

During the summer months, I love iced coffee. Even in the summer mornings, I enjoy a nice cold cup of coffee. Something I discovered was mixing a chocolate Premier Protein with a cold brewed coffee. Some of my favorite cold brews from the store are the Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brewed Coffee. Since it's concentrated, it mixes perfectly with the Premier Protein. In a regular size coffee cup, I usually mix equal parts cold brew and protein, but you can really mix it to your preferred taste. If I'm on the run and taking it with me to work, I like to use a big insulated cup with a straw and mix the 11 oz Premier Protein with 4oz cold coffee.


The Deets: 

11oz Protein + 4oz Coffee

175 Calories | 3g Fat | 5g Net Carbs | 31g Protein



Dutch Bros Sugar Free Rebel w/ Sugar Free Strawberry

Sometimes I don't feel like having the heaviness of coffee in the afternoon, but I need a little pick me up that's also refreshing. Sugar free red bulls work fine, but if you want something with a little bit of flare, Dutch Brothers Coffee makes an infused Rebel and if you order it right, you can have your delicious drink and low calories, too. It's so simple: order it completely sugar free! So that's a Sugar Free Rebel with Sugar Free Strawberry. That's it! (BTW sugar free raspberry is good, too!)


Don't have a Dutch Bros where you live? No worries! You can get this same thing anywhere they serve an infused energy drink, or even better, you can totally DIY at home with a sugar free energy drink and SF syrup of your choice.


The Deets:

24oz SF Rebel w/ SF Strawberry (or any SF syrup)

14 Calories | 0g Fat | 3g Carbs | 1g Protein



And that's all there is to it! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find these recipes helpful! These have been a life saver (or rather, a diet saver!) for me. Hang in there, stick to your goals, and just find ways to make your healthier lifestyle for fun!





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