• Alyssa Hurlbert

If Cancer Hadn't Taken You

For my mother-in-law.

You would have been a great Mimi. If you had been given the chance. If cancer hadn't taken you. You would have done crafts and had paint parties. You would have taught her to bake the best cakes and pies. You would have instilled in her the unconditional love and respect you had for animals. You would have had belly laughs and epic cuddles. You would have raised her high in the air and made her believe she could fly. You would have supported her one-thousand percent in any dream she had, no matter how big or small. You would have been her biggest fan- front row, cheering the loudest at every game and recital. You would have not only been there for her first birthday, but for the next 20+. You would have had sleepovers and adventures to remember for a lifetime. You would have taught her to ride horses, and you would have had a pony at your house just for her. You would have had a candy jar filled at all times. You two would have shared a whole watermelon in the Summer, You would have planted flowers and a garden in Spring, You would have crunched leaves in the Fall, and you would have turned your house into the North Pole in Winter- just for her. You would have taught her what it was to be bold, and unapologetically herself. Mimi's place would have been the best place to be... If cancer hadn't taken you. But I promise you this- she will know you and all the best parts of you. We will show her your pictures and tell her stories. You are part of the reason her dad is the great man that he is. You may not be here, but she will know you. Your granddaughter, who at times looks so much like you. And she will know that Mimi is always looking down from Heaven. Words by Alyssa at Bravely Momma


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